My second week onboard STV Windeward Bound

I have now been onboard the Windeward Bound for 2 weeks – on one side it feels like I have always been a part of the ship and on the other side it feels like just yesterday, when I left Malaga to come to the other side of the world.


I have finally settled in on the ship and the ship has now become my home 🙂 For every day that goes by, I learn more and I feel more home, which is really nice 🙂

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The week normally starts on a Wednesday, as we have Monday and Tuesday off. Wednesday is normally Maintenance day, where we clean and fix the ship as well as Trim.


During my second week, I have been very lucky to get to help with bringing Trim back and forward every day that we have had a daysail. I really like doing that and I am having a lot of fun doing it. One of the days, the Captain actually told us (it normally takes 2 people to bring Trim back and forward) that we showed great seamanship and that it was a joy to look at, as we were both very calm, concentrated and there was no shouting or anything like that.


Wednesday was my first duty-day on my own – a very scary feeling! I was convinced that I would either sink or burn down the ship (which did not happen – Thank God!). Wednesday was also the day where I had to cook my first dinner for the rest of the crew. I made Tortilla de patatas with salad, which went fairly well (I did not have time to take pictures, so use your imagination our google “Tortilla de patatas” 😉 )

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During this week I also got a new best friend – Philip. Every crew onboard WindeWard Bound have got a best friend, which is a piece of rope. The rope is for one to practice knots and splicing. I am also starting to get to know the sails on the ship. In general, I learn something new every day and more and more things are making sense.


Sunday we didn’t go sailing as we had no passengers and it was also raining the whole day. That meant plenty of time for training 🙂 First we learned how to sharpen our knives and afterwards we learned a lot about safety onboard a tall ship, both from the Captain but also from watching a 2 part documentary about the First Fleets trip from England to Australia.

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Every day is different – I learn new things, I get better with the ship, I feel more like home and I keep on being happy 🙂


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