Happy memories from a sailing voyage


In July 2016 I did a 9 day voyage onboard the Windeward Bound as a second deckhand.  The voyage was with 19 boys in the age of 14-15years and 2 teachers. These are a few of my happy memories from the sailing voyage.

Storm Bay

One of my absolute favorite moments from the voyage was when we sailed through Storm Bay. Storm Bay is located in the southern part of Tasmania and is basically part of the Sea. It was in the early hours of the day, shortly before the sunrise, when we sailed into Storm Bay. Entering the big waves and seeing the big waves crashing onto the cliffs was amazing. The sunrise was absolutely stunning – It was one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen in my life. The skies and the sea turned golden and just got more and more beautiful for every moment. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the sunrise, but it is one of those moments in life that I will never forget.

Later that morning, we got company by a group of dolphins – it just got better and better. And to top up things, I was super lucky and didn’t get seasick – yeah! 🙂

Port Arthur

happinessonthebrainWe anchored at Port Arthur, where I was one of the lucky ones to go ashore – and boy am I happy I got to see that place. Port Arthur is an old convicts jail and is absolutely beautiful. We got a guided tour as well as time to walk around on our own.


When we arrived we each got a playing card, which was connected to a historical person, who you would then follow through the museum – you are basically following the story of the person, which is quit interesting – it is a really good way of doing it.


If you go to Tassie for a vacation, I would definitely recommend that you take some time to go to Port Arthur – not only because the history is interesting, but also because the place is very beautiful.


After the voyage, when all the kids had left, all the permanent crew had a debrief. Basically it was a sort of feedback meeting, where everyone got to share their thoughts about the whole voyage.


I was really surprised that the debrief was so positive and that everyone complimented each other as well as the voyage crew. It was really nice to hear everyones thoughts as well as their view of the voyage. To sum up – Everyone had a great voyage 🙂

Sea shanties

One of my happiest memories from the voyage, was a day, when James the cook took out his ukulele and started playing. When he started playing we gathered around and everyone was singing sea shanties. We had so much fun 🙂

One of my favorite sea shanties is a classic – “What shall we do with the drunken sailor”.


During the voyage I learned heaps and got to do a lot of different things – these are just a few of my happiest learnings (I wonder if that is a word – well, now it is) :

happinessonthebrain-2Before the voyage had even started, we had to row Trim (the little boat) away from the ship, as we wouldn’t be able to bring it on voyage. This was a very interesting and fun experience;

1. This was my first time rowing, so it took a little while to get used to – Its hard exercise, but super fun

2. We sang songs, trying to go with the rhythm of the strokes.

3. We passed a huge cargo ship – like seriously HUGE cargo ship. We were right next to it and we felt soo small.

One of my happy moments during the voyage, was when Sarah (the Captain) taught me a different (and easier) way to tie a bowline. It took me 24 hours, but after that I could tie a bowline as well as a bowline on a bite – and better yet, I can also do it behind my bag – pretty cool, right? 😉

When on voyage, we would anchor several times in different locations. One time I got to fish the anchor, which involved me sitting on the anchor, while we were moving – and it was AMAZING! I had soo much fun – I hope to get to do it again 🙂

Sunrises and Sunsets


In general, Im a sucker for sunrises and sunsets, so you can imagine my excitement every time I managed to watch a sunrise or a sunset onboard the ship. There is just something absolutely stunning about it – especially when at sea.

Sailing in Tasmania


Seeing Tasmania from the sea is absolutely awesome. Its a completely different way of seeing new places and the fact that you are sailling and dependent on the weather, often means that you get to go and see places that you normally wouldn’t go to. Sailing is amazing, but so much better, when you go to new places and explore.

Red Watch

On this particular voyage I was in Red Watch (when on voyage, everyone on the ship is put into 3 watches). It was a great watch and we shared a lot of fun and happy memories, thou these are my favorites:

1. We won the Rope Race – Yeah! 🙂

2. Teamwork – at the end of the voyage everyone was really good at working together, which was great to see.


3. “Sharing is caring” – I remember a day, when James served Pizza for dinner – yummy! We had one piece left, and we ended up sharing that piece between the whole watch – the whole thing was hilarious 🙂 

4. “Onions and apples” – During the voyage we would get some minor tasks to do – one of these were the game called “Oranges (onions) and apples”. The game goes like this; You sit in a circle and you need to give everyone in the circle an onion and an apple. An onion being something that the person can improve on and the apple being something positive about the person. The reason it was oranges instead of onions in red watch, was that no one actually had anything bad to say about each other – everyone were so positive.

5. Morning song – Every morning each watch would have to do a wakeup call – All of them were great, but I must say that Red Watch did a great song, which was my favorite 🙂

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