Don’t waste your life!

This must be one of the best advice, I have been given in my life.

We only live once and you never know, what could happen – Why die with your dreams, if you can die with memories.  I had a talk with the Captain of Windeward Bound the other day, who told me her life story and how she ended up sailing and owning her own tall ship. She has done and experienced so much in her life and the best advice that she gave me, was to not waste my life. We only live once, so there is no need to waste it, by doing something that makes you unhappy. She has been surfing, diving in the navy, been an art director and is now Captain on her own tall ship. Life is supposed to be fun and boy, in my eyes she has had an amazing life with many memories (and many more will come, I’m sure).


Her life story made me think about my life and the things that I have experienced as well as the dreams I have. I don’t want to waste my life bing unhappy – I just want to be happy. So I am really happy that I got the opportunity to sail onboard the Windeward Bound for 6 months. I have many dreams (small and big) and I am going to do whatever I can to keep chasing my dreams and live a happy life.
When looking back at my life (28 years of adventure and memories) I feel grateful that I have so many great memories from travel, music, work, living abroad, family, friends and so on.


My sister normally tells me that she lives through me and my adventures – so my plan is to keep living a happy and exciting life and def. not wasting it – and so far I think I’m doing pretty well 😉

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