How I accidentally reached the top of Cap d’Oro

cap doro

Just a little drive

In August 2017 I went for a drive, which was supposed to be just a little drive and a little walk in Calpe in the province of Alicante and ended up with me on the top of the Cape of Gold (Cap d’Oro). I drove through the town and found that the road continued alongside the coast, so I decided to keep going to see what I would find. I arrived in a town called Moreira, where I parked the car and started walking. The water had this beautiful blue color that you just can’t stop looking at.

I continued down towards the beach, from where I saw a tower on the top of a mountain; Cap d’Oro (The Cape of Gold). I quickly googled the tower to find that there was a walk leading up to the tower. I then started walking up the steep, small street of Moraira.

Cap d’Oro

The walk starts from the end of Calle Puerto de Alcudia in Moreira. It is possible to drive more or less all the way up to where the walk starts and park alongside the street.

I walked all the way up from the beach, which wasn’t so bad. Google maps managed to send me on a little detour though – I didn’t really mind, as the streets were cute and the view beautiful (A little tip for future hikes; Check the satellite version of the map, to avoid huge detours).


At the end of Calle Puerto de Alcudia, where the path starts, you find 2 signs; one leading to the tower, where it states it takes 30min to walk up (It took me roughly 30min including stopping to take a few pictures). The other signs leads to a parking, which I don’t think I passed on my way (or maybe I was just too much in my own world, taking in this new place).

The first 10min of the walk was a bit of a challenge, as it is a small stony path, with very slippery stones. With just a little bit of rain, some of these stones would be super slippery, so make sure to wear non-slippery shoes. The rest of the path was small, stony and more comfortable to walk on.

Half way up the path, it splits into two, with another set of signs. One sign leading back to the parking. Another one leading up to the tower on the top of the mountain. And a third sign leading down to some caves. I decided to only do the path leading up to the tower that day, but some day I will do the caves as well 😉

The top of the mountain

I did the walk on a Saturday afternoon in August. I didn’t meet heaps of people on the way up – only 4 I think. On the way down I passed about 10 people, so it wasn’t busy at all. It was great as the second half of the path, makes you stop to enjoy the view ( and take pictures) several times. And the best part was, that I got the top of the mountain completely to myself. Meaning I only had the sound of the ocean and the wind 🙂

The view from the top of the mountain was absolutely stunning! You have a complete 360 view from the top!

The beautiful coastal line leading north towards Valencia.

You can see all the way to Calpe and you can even see part of Benidorm in the background.

A few facts about the tower of Cap d’Oro

  • a defensive watch tower built in the 16th century in the Renaissance style.
  • Built to guard the coast against pirates
  • Built on the highest point on the Cape of Gold (Cap d’oro).
  • 11 meters high
  • Only way to enter the tower, is by a rope ladder

A few tips

  • Wear non-slippery, comfy shoes
  • Don’t do the hike on a rainy day
  • Bring sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Remember to bring a camera (or a phone)
  • Bring lunch or a snack to enjoy on the top
  • Follow the white and green marks


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