9 things I learned from sailling on a tall ship


Apart from learning how to sail a ship, I have learned a lot about myself and my boundaries. As a reminder to myself, but also to give an insight, I have put together a list of things that Ive learned from sailing on a tall ship.

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#1 – Trust in myself and others

Part of being crew and sailing on a tall ship is to go aloft, either to overhaul, ungasket or furl sails. Maintenance from time to time, will also include going aloft. The first time aloft for me was a challenge, I must admit. One thing is to be many meters over the ground/sea another thing is that it requires muscles in your body. It took me a while to get used to it as well as getting comfy up there. Im still not a 110% comfy up there, but each time I get up there it gets better.

Being aloft has a lot to do with trusting yourself as well as the people you are up there with. I have been very lucky, as I have been up there with Alex, who is very good at being calm, sharing tricks as well as pushing me to expand my comfy zone, when aloft. Also, it is very nice to have someone, who is good at telling stories and making you think about other things – So thanks, Alex – I appreciate your help a LOT 🙂

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#2 – Working as a team, when sailing on a tall ship

If you are not working together as a team, the ship will not go anywhere… You will not be able to set a sail or leave the wharf on your own – you need to work together. Teamwork isn’t something that just happens from one day to another – it takes time and effort. Time and effort from everyone, not just one person. Teamwork requieres to care about each other and help one another, as the team is only as strong as its weakest link.

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#3 – Simplicity

Life onboard a ship is about simplicity. When at sea, phone and internet are not used, as there is no connection. It makes the whole experience so much better.

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#4 – Dont take life to seriously – have fun!

If we take life too seriously, it is no longer fun to live. There are times to be serious and times to have fun, when sailling on a tall ship…

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#5 – Learn from your mistakes

Im a “learning-by-doing”-kinda person, meaning that I learn best, by actually doing the things, as I am learning. This ofcourse means that mistakes will happen, but it’s okay. We are only humans and no one expects for us to be perfect. In fact, if we were all perfect, life would be boring. Learning from mistakes is probably one of the best ways to learn – that way you see what can actually go wrong and you tend to remember the mistakes and they will almost certainly make sure that you dont make that mistake again.

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#6 – Every day is a new opportunity to learn

Every day is a new opportunity to learn. Ever since I joined the Windeward Bound I feel like, I have learned something new every single day. Not only about sailing on a tall ship, but also about the people that surround me, about Australia, about the English language, about myself and about life itself. Every day is a new day, with new possibilities and opportunities.

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#7 – Pushing myself – physically and mentally

Since arriving on the ship, I have pushed myself, not only physically, but also mentally. It has been in different degrees and for different reasons, but I must say that when all comes to all, I am happy to have pushed myself as I keep growing as a person – also, who doesn’t like to have some extra muscles 😉

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#8 – Growing as a person

Being on the other side of the world, speaking and thinking in a different language as well as living on a ship is def. Something that helps me grow as a person. Pushing myself to try new things, explore new continents and improving my skills is something I consider to be amazing!

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#9 – Im having the adventure of a lifetime

I really do feel like I am currently on the adventure of a lifetime – I mean like, it’s pretty awesome to be able to say that you have been sailing on a tall ship 😉

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