3 days in Barcelona

For about 6 months or so I’ve been telling one of my friends (the Malagueño) that he cannot be from Spain and not have been to Barcelona. Everyone in Europe has been to Barcelona – it’s like you can’t go to Spain and not have been to Barcelona… Compare it with going to Paris and not see the Eiffel tower.

So in April we went to Barcelona – me, the Malagueño and the Colombian. Both me and the Colombian had been to Barcelona several times so we know the city fairly well – so it was kinda funny that two “guiris” were going to show Barcelona to a Spaniard 😉

Where did we sleep/put our stuff?

We booked a hostel at the end of La Rambla – opposite end of the port. We paid €210 for 3 nights for 3 people in 1 room at Art City Hostel – not a bad price at all. The location was great, as we were close to the party areas and La Rambla – also, it was super easy to find (even in a less sober condition) The hostel was awesome with a great atmosphere. We met a lot of different nationalities and the great thing about hostels is the sharing of experiences and places as well as getting to know people from all over the world with different backgrounds.

What did we eat in Barcelona?

The best paella in Spain

One of the nights, we were just walking around, on our way to an intimate concert. On the way there, we got hungry and decided to find a place, to have some food. We went into this restaurant/cafeteria; Rincón del Artista , very close to the metro station Parallel. Little did we know, we just walked into the place with the best paella in Spain. Personally I have had Paella many places all over Spain, so I was very surprised to find the best one in Barcelona. Because paella is from Valencia, I always assumed, that would be the place with the best paella. Once that has been said, I haven’t been to every single place in Spain yet, so there might be a better paella out there 😉 But so far, Rincon del Artista has served me the best paella I have tried in Spain.

The best Argentinean empanadas in Spain!

In Comte Urgell you find Reckons, which is this small bar/restaurant, where they serve the best Argentinian empanadas I have ever had in Spain! On top of that the staff is super friendly. So do yourself a favor and stop by Reckons, next time you go to Barcelona and try some different empanadas. 

What did we see?

La Rambla

The Rambla is one of the must sees in Barcelona. It is always filled with people, music, dancing and art. Every few meters you meet artists sharing their talents, whether it being singing, playing an instrument, magic tricks, painting or acting. La Rambla itself is charming, but honestly I prefer to walk it, when there is no people on it, which rarely happens.

Barcelonas fairytale bar

One of the days it suddenly started raining heaps, so we went to this fairytale bar. It’s located right next to the Rambla – literally right next to it! Right before entering the Wax Museum, you see a small street on your right hand – in that street you find the fairytale bar – also known as El Bosc de les Fades

The bar, is build up as a fairytale forest. As we arrived it was raining outside, so we came in to the sound of rain, darkness, lightning and candles. When it stopped raining outside, the rainy sound disappeared and the light changed in the bar. It is a super cozy bar and I would recommend anyone to go there for a drink, when going to Barcelona. It’s something different and fun to do in Barcelona. 

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is probably one of the most famous attractions in Spain. Everyone knows the story about, how the Cathedral never was finished and how it is one of the must see attractions in Barcelona. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the inside of the Cathedral yet, as it is quite expensive. But I have agreed with the Malagueño and the Colombian to meet up in 2026 when they finish the Cathedral to have a look inside – Something to put on the bucket list 😉

Parc Güell

Parc Güell is on of the must sees in Barcelona. From the top of the park you get a beautiful panoramic view over the city and the mediterranean sea, which is absolutely stunning and worth the walk up (make sure to bring water).

Parque Guell in Barcelona

All over the park you find musicians standing around and playing beautiful music. On the day we were there, it was classical music all over, which was just beautiful. Standing in such a beautiful place, surrounded by music is one of the small things in life that I love. 

La Boquería – Mercado

One of my absolute favorite things about Spain is the endless markets. La Boqueria, which is located  on the righthand side, more or less in the middle of La Rambla, when walking from Plaza Catalunya down towards the harbour. Do yourself a favor and stop by the market and just walk around, taking in all the smells, colors and flavors of all the beautiful food. I make sure to always buy some fruit to go and snack on.   

Happy Pills

Walking down towards La Rambla, we found this super happy shop; Happy Pills. If you feel a little sad one day, in need of a bit of happiness or just want to see something different, then this is definitely the place to visit! Happy Pills is basically this happy place, which brings happy moments to people by mixing sweets and positive messages 🙂


Barcelona has more…

Barcelona has much more to offer than the things I have listed above. I have been several times and I always find something new on my trips (There will for sure be more posts about Barcelona on the blog in the future). We only had 3 days, where 50% (if not more) were about just having fun and being happy – meaning that you can fit in more sightseeing without any problems.

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  1. i’d love to visit barcelona myself! maybe i’ll make it this year, if not i’ll definitely will next year – thanks for sharing your impressions.


    1. AlicjaKeyz says: Reply

      I hope you will make it this year 🙂
      Around Christmas time Barcelona is really beautiful, with all the Christmas lights and decorations 🙂

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