24 hours in Singapore! How to spend it right!


In May 2016 I went to Singapore for the first time – I was on the way to Australia, so I only had about 24 hours in Singapore, but it is def. A place I would like to come back to some day.

What did I do with my luggage?

As I was on my way to Australia for 6 months, I had heaps of luggage with me – actually I only had a bag with me, but it was a big and heavy bag. A sort of bag that you wouldn’t like to carry around in Singapore for a whole day. So I parked my big bag in the airport (They have baggage storage in all three terminals). Here you can find the prices.

Where did I stay in Singapore?

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I stayed at 5footway.inn, which is located in the area of Boat Quay. One night with breakfast cost me $22 (Singapore Dollars). The hostel was nice and centrally located, within walking distance to more or less everything. The staff was really friendly and I would definitely Recommend others to stay there, if going to Singapore for a night or two. If you have big or heavy luggage with you, I would prob. Find another place to stay, as the place has heaps of staircases. Just to get to the reception, you need to climb up a fair bit of stairs. But except from that I had a really nice stay there 🙂

What did I eat in Singapore?

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I arrived in Singapore in the evening, so my first meal was dinner – and it was FREE 🙂 One of the guys from the hostel told me about this place – it is right around the corner of the hostel and on that night, they were promoting street food, meaning that they were offering free food – and the food was amazing 🙂

breakfast in singapore

Since breakfast was included in my stay at the hostel, I had breakfast there and boy am I happy I did 🙂 I had myself a peanut butter with jam sandwich with a cup of tea – and the best part was that I had a view of the river and partial view of the marina bay sands hotel. It was a great start of the day 🙂

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For lunch I had a yummy banana pancake in Little India. I am not sure exactly where the place is, as I just jumped off the bus and walked into the streets. But it was super yummy and the staff was very friendly.

What did I see in Singapore?

Since I only had about 24 hours in Singapore, I did some research before arriving as well as asked everyone I knew, who had been to Singapore, about what to see and do. I didn’t plan everything, I just had some rough ideas about what I would like to see. As I only had about 24 hours in Singapore, I jumped on one of the red busses, as it was the easiest way to get around and a good way to get to all of the must-sees. So if you only have limited time in Singapore, I recommend you hop on one of the red busses.  

Singapore at night

Boat Quay and Clarke Quay

As I arrived in the evening, when it was already dark, I took a walk around the Boat Quay area to have a look around. Clarke Quay, which is part of Boat Quay is basically a party area, where all the young people go out and have dinner, drinks, dance and sing karaoke. It was very colorful and the atmosphere was great.  

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay 2

Marina Bay Sands

After having walked around Boat Quay I walked towards the Marina Bay Sands. I walked all the way around the lake and enjoyed the view of everything – all the must sees but also the view of the skyscrapers. I must say that it is absolutely magnificent in the evening – so make sure that you stay long enough to see it both during the day and during the evening.

singapore by night

The next day I went back again, to see the whole thing during the day as well. It is beautiful during the day as well, but I do prefer it in the late afternoon, when the sun is setting and the dark covers the skies. Every evening from 20:00 there is a light and water show at the waterfront by the promenade plaza. It is a free event and it is very beautiful. It is def. A thing that I recommend to see.

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Unfortunately I didn’t go up to the skypark – there is a dress code as well as an entrance fee to go up there, unless you are booked in at the hotel – but that is definitely on my list for next time I go to Singapore 🙂

singapore lion

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a def. Must to check out, if you go to Singapore. I went there both during the night and during the day. When I was there, they had a tulip exhibition, which was absolutely stunning. So before you go, check out to see if they have something special going. Also make sure to check the times for the mist in the Cloud Forest and make sure that you go there a bit earlier. When you get to the top, you almost feel like you are walking on clouds, as the mist will be below you.


China town and Indian City

Both China town and Indian City were quiet interesting to visit. I did not spend a lot of time in either of the areas, but they both had their certain charm. I went to Indian City to have lunch, as a friend of mine recommended me to, as it would be good and cheap – and he was right 🙂

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Singapore Airport

Make sure to have some extra time to take a walk around Singapore Airport – There is so much to see 🙂

Singapore Airport

Did I find happiness in Singapore?

Happiness is all around, and I did manage to find some happiness in Singapore as well. Everyone was really friendly and helpful. Singapore is very international and I meet a lot of different nationalities during my 24 hours there. So prepare yourself to be meet with kindness and smiles 🙂

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