10 tips to become happy – or at least happier ;)

I often get the questions; “Why are you so happy?”, “How can you smile all day?”, “What drugs are you on that makes you so happy?” So I decided to share a few tips on, how to become happy – or at least happier 🙂

SMILE (at least once a day)

Make sure you smile AT LEAST once a day. Even though you are in a bad mood and don’t feel like it, smile. Not only does your smile send signals to your body and lower your heart rate, it also makes you look beautiful. Another thing is that it’s easier to smile than to look angry – it requires less effort 😉

Try to make a stranger smile, by smiling at them. When they smile back at you, you are gonna feel happier, trust me. Bonus is that you might just have made that other persons day better, by just smiling at them. So smile AT LEAST once a day 🙂

Perfection doesn’t make you happy

Perfection doesn’t exist – no one in this world is perfect and that is awesome. Just imagine a world, where everyone is perfect – boring, right? So don’t make perfection one of your life goals, instead be appreciate that no one is perfect and enjoy all the small funny moments that makes you laugh so hard that you start crying 🙂


Make room for some me-time. Give yourself time during the week to completely relax, whether that be with a walk, a book, a hobby or just doing nothing. At the moment I am taking some me time, by coloring in an adult coloring book, taking walks and playing music on my flugelhorn. You will be surprised to see that It will give you new energy and leave you with a feeling of happiness.


Try not to be too much alone – me-time is good, but too much alone time is not good. Meet with friends and family regularly and maybe try and do different things, instead of always doing the same things with family and friends. Why not host a board games night, go sightseeing, go for a hike or volunteer at the local dog shelter with your friends and family. It’s something different and it will for sure leave you with happy memories.

Give a hand

Help others. Helping other people in need will give you great satisfaction and happiness. Just think about how happy you get, when others help you. A small favor is sometimes enough to give you a happy feeling.


Listening to music is one of my favorite things to do. Putting on happy music, like Pharrell Williams “happy” or Marc Anthonys “Vivir mi vida” always makes me happy 🙂 And when listening to happy music it often makes me wanna dance. Dancing is another thing that spreads happiness. So put on some happy music and start dancing 🙂

Be grateful

Be grateful for even the smallest things and remember to say thank you. You can never say thank you too often and sometimes a simple “thank you” is enough to put a smile on someones face. A hug is another great way of saying thank you 🙂

Focus on the things that makes you happy

Everyone has concerns and fears, but instead of constantly thinking about things that makes you sad, focus on the things that makes you happy. Appreciate the small moments of joy, like baking a cake, the fact the the sun is shining or that a stranger smiled at you for no reason at all. The more you focus on the good things, the harder it is to see unhappy things and the happier you will become 🙂

Live in the moment

Instead of worrying about the future or the past, try to live in the moment. Life is shorter than we think, so no need to waste it. Learn to live in the moment and enjoy life while you have it. And if things doesn’t go the way you want them to, don’t worry – It will probably sort itself out or maybe it happened for a reason and you will be able to look back and be happy that life didn’t happen the way you imagined it. So live in the moment and enjoy life.

Just be happy

Just be happy. Don’t compare yourself or your life to others. Taking inspiration from others is great, but don’t compare. If you are not happy with your life, do something about it. In the end it is you and you alone, who are responsible for your happiness.

What makes you happy?

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