10 reasons to visit Cumbria

In May 2017 I went to Cumbria for a few days. As it is England I expected rainy and cloudy days, but I was actually quiet lucky, as I got to see the sun and had more or less perfect weather for hiking and seeing the beautiful nature. On top of this I was super lucky as I went during the week, meaning less people everywhere = it’s easier to get beautiful pictures without people in them 😉

English Country Side

Cumbria is the proper English country side, where everything is green and beautiful. Driving around the area you will see beautiful green fields, old stone walls and small cute towns. If you are looking for the proper English country side, then Cumbria is the place to go!

Cute towns

The English country side is filled with cute towns all over. All of these small towns are picturesque and I must admit that I wanted to stop in every single one of them to take a walk and enjoy the beauty. But to do that I would need more than just a few days.

Bahh… Sheep

In Cumbria you find sheep everywhere – like as in EVERYWHERE! They are on the hills, in the fields and on the roads. I quiet like sheep, so being able to see them wherever I went in Cumbria – that was pretty cool 🙂


Cumbria is an area filled with walks and hikes all over. There is no limit as to where, how and when – It is just doing it! I had the pleasure of doing a few walks, which really showed me the beauty of Cumbria. Walks and hikes are probably one of the best ways to see the area and enjoy the nature.

Buttermere Bluebell Walk

Walk in Cumbria

Buttermere is this small place in the Northern part of the Lake District. There are several walks you can do, so it is just picking the one(s) that looks most appealing to you. I did a 5 miles route, which took me up on the mountains (from where the view is gorgeous), down to a beach, next to the lake and through a bit of forrest. And ofcourse I got to see some bluebells on the way 😉

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s wall is the most important monument built by the Romans in Britain. It stretches 73 miles and is surrounded by beautiful green fields. It is possible to do a walk, following the wall and end up at the fort and the museum. 

Sycamores Gap

When following Hadrian’s Wall, at some point you will reach Sycamores Gap. This place or rather this tree is mostly known from the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, starring Kevin Costner. When walking from the museum to Sycamores Gap and back, this is a good place to take a break and eat lunch, while enjoying the beauty of the gap and the tree. I got to see it during the day, which is beautiful. I would like go back some day and go early in the morning, to watch the sunrise or in the evening, for the sunset.

The Lake District

The Lake District is the largest national park in Britain and was established in 1951. It covers more than 2.000 km2.

The whole area around the Lake District is absolutely stunning! It is definitely a place I would like to go again some day. It is basically a big lake, surrounded by beautiful mountains, trees, waterfalls,  green fields and sheep.

It is possible to sail up the lake on a steamer, which can be combined with a hike in the area.

I was really lucky and got to go for a sail on one of the boats, which was amazing! We sailed from Ullswater Sailing Club and sailed for a few hours, where I got to see the sunset and the beautiful mountains surrounding the Lake. Watching the sun set behind the fields and the golden colors on the mountains was absolutely breathtaking!

Aira Force

At the Lake District you find this beautiful waterfall (probably one of the most famous waterfalls in the Lake District), which is easy to get to and doesn’t require heaps of walking. You basically have the option to do as much (or as little) of the walk as you like, as the waterfalls are in the beginning of the roundtrip walk.

Cumbria is located right next to Scotland

The Cumbria area is bordering onto Scotland. It is worth checking out, if it’s cheaper/easier to fly to Scotland and catch the train or the bus down.

I flew to Glasgow and catched the train down, as it was way cheaper than flying to England.

I on purpose flew to Prestwick Airport, which is about a 40min train ride outside of Glasgow. The reason being that I wanted to to see a bit of the Scottish country side – and hey, why not 😉

So I catched the train from Prestwick Airport to Prestwick Town (1 stop), where I had to pick up my reserved ticket, then catch the train to Glasgow Central. I had a bit more than an hour in Glasgow, before my train to Cumbria, and of course I spent that time sightseeing in the city 😉

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  1. I moved to Valencia from the UK nearly 5 years ago, and having lived in England for most of my life I’ve never really appreciated it, until I left! I’ve never been to Cumbria, but it’s one of those places that I’ve always wanted to visit as well as Scotland. I am due to go back to England in a couple of weeks, so will have my fix of the countryside, pubs and proper English food! Can’t wait! 😀

    1. AlicjaKeyz says: Reply

      I moved to Malaga back in 2007, and just like you, I didnt really appreciate Denmark, until I left. Now I go back to Denmark about 1-2 a year to visit family, and I really appreciate everything.
      Hope you have a great time, when you go back to England 🙂

  2. This sounds so fun and I love your pictures!

    1. AlicjaKeyz says: Reply

      Thank you Jasmine 🙂

  3. You have some beautiful pics with this post. This looks like such a peaceful trip. It looks right up my alley. Great post

    1. AlicjaKeyz says: Reply

      Thanks Chris 🙂

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