3 days in Barcelona

For about 6 months or so I’ve been telling one of my friends (the Malagueño) that he cannot be from Spain and not have been to Barcelona. Everyone in Europe has been to Barcelona – it’s like you can’t go to Spain and not have been to Barcelona… Compare it with going to Paris and […]

Classic Carrot Cake

Happiness through carrot cake Do you think it’s possible to find happiness through a carrot cake? Or any cake for that matter? I believe that it is possible and I’m gonna tell you exactly how so 🙂 First of all, I have been a huge fan of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting ever since […]

3 Days in Madrid


Back in 2010 I did a semester of ERASMUS in Madrid and I fell completely in love with the city – in my opinion the only thing Madrid is missing is the beach. So in February my mum asked me to go to Madrid with her to renew her passport, so imagine my excitement! We […]

Challenge yourself!

Lately I have challenged myself – more than usual. I find it important to keep challenging yourself, not only to get better and explore your boundaries, but also to grow as a person so that you don’t let fear decide for you. So challenge yourself! I am not suggesting to do everything at once, but […]



Ever since I was a kid, I have been enjoying jigsaw puzzles – They are just a really nice way to disconnect and chillax. When travelling and especially on a ship, it is hard to carrie around a jigsaw puzzle, which is why I have been solving jigsaw puzzles online as long as I can […]